Saturday, July 23, 2016

George Soros should be arrested and charged with inciting riots for financing protests

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There is protesting and free speech – and there is criminal action that poses as protesting and free speech. Protests that turn into riots are no longer protected by the First Amendment, and anyone who funds such activity like a coward behind the scenes is equally guilty of inciting violence and destruction of private property.

Such people should be charged with aiding and abetting such criminality. Enter billionaire businessman George Soros.

As reported this week by The Washington Times, which investigated Soros’ donations to groups that have been spurred to unrest built on racial animosity, the billionaire rabble-rouser has given millions of his fortune to watch American cities descend into chaos:

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  1. He should be in Fort Leavenworth pounding boulders into sand along with the treasonous members of the political class.

    His wealth should be redistributed to the people he has hurt and harmed.