Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Henderson County NC County Commission unanimously passes a resolution rejecting Federal Refugee Settlement Programs.

The Henderson County NC County Commission unanimously Passed a resolution rejecting Federal Refugee Settlement programs.

They further called upon Governor McCrory to reject Federal Refugee programs for the entire state and on North Carolina's Federal and State Legislators to do the same. Congressman Mark Meadows of NC District 11 has already taken a strong position against refugee settlements in the 11th District.

We owe them a huge thank you.

Let us hope that it sets an example for all of North Carolina and the entire nation.

Mike Scruggs


  1. indyjonesouthereJuly 21, 2016 at 2:18 AM

    Require the refugee contractors to be licensed and bonded and their names and addresses part of the public record. This BS would end overnight.

  2. Can't wait to call North Carolina home!

  3. This looks stupid on its face. There are no internal boundaries in teh USA that can reasonably prevent the migration of people from one state our county to the next. There are no laws anywhere that would prevent the Federal government from buying or leasing property in that particular county and if within current zoning restrictions there is nothing the county can do about it. They have no authority to prevent migration. The only real way to prevent it is to get all of the current residents to agree to not lease or sell property. Fat chance that will happen. Remember the civil rights act of 1964? It's a federal crime to not lease or sell due to national origin.

    1. I read an article recently that said the government does not absorb all the costs, so I assume localities could refuse to pay.

  4. That's great! Now the sheriff should arrest federal "officials" who try and violate this resolution. Freedom will begin to take root again with actions like this from our local communities! Don't look to the Feds (no matter who is president), don't look to the states (thanks to the 17th amendment.) Look to your local governments!

    1. Charity begins at home, as my Mother was fond of saying.

  5. The Episcopal church in Hendersonville solicited these
    things on their own with no regards as to what the
    community wanted. You watch, those things will be brought
    to Hendersonville, come Hell or high water. In Lewiston,
    Maine, they are loaded with them. The mayor says when you
    wake up, there they are, no warning or notification.
    Lewiston is now caring for people from at least 30 different countries. Mayor Macdonald: We were told we had to take care of these people out of our pocket. No federal money. No state money. Just because they showed up here, we were responsible for them. The real residents who have been
    waiting for assistance, it is taken from them to give
    to these invaders. These kind of people were never intended
    to come to America but they just keep over-throwing American

  6. Best thing our commissioners have done in a while. However, next door in the arm pit of the East, Buncombe County, home of the San Francisco of the East Coast, they are planning on bring in boat loads, bus loads and plane loads. Planning on opening 1700 new hotel rooms for the freaks, they have to have someone to clean up rooms. If the illegals come South of the French Broad River, they will never cross back.