Wednesday, July 20, 2016

L.A. Times Suggests Military Coup Against President Trump

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Jamie Kirchick, writing in the Los Angeles Times, asks readers to imagine a military coup against a future President Donald Trump — and argues why one would be necessary.

Kirchick cites the example of the recent failed coup in Turkey as a source of inspiration:
Americans viewing the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey as some exotic foreign news story — the latest, violent yet hardly unusual political development to occur in a region constantly beset by turmoil — should pause to consider that the prospect of similar instability would not be unfathomable in this country if Donald Trump were to win the presidency.

Kirchick goes on to argue that Trump is a nascent authoritarian, whose illegal military orders — such as torturing terrorists — the military would be required to ignore, and then resist by force.
Curiously, Kirchick cannot fathom Hillary Clinton doing anything illegal with the military (despite her mis-handling of classified national security information, or her evident pride in the Libya war, which Congress never approved):

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  1. Right back at'chya if Field Marshall Rodham "wins".

  2. If the military were to choose to do so....

    They are outnumbered by all those deer hunters.....In Wisconsin, alone.

    1. The problem is getting all so pissed off that they would do something.