Thursday, July 21, 2016

Migrant Rapes Girl Nearly To Death, Judge Grants Him Welfare Due To 1 Detail

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 Migrant Rapes Girl Nearly To Death, Judge Grants Him Welfare Due To 1 Detail

A migrant was arrested for brutally raping a young woman so severely that she was left to die from her injuries in a pool of her own blood. However, as soon as the liberal judge heard the horrific facts, he freed the migrant and allowed him to remain on welfare because of one tiny detail.

On April 29, a 26-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker forced his way into a young woman’s apartment in Falkirk, Sweden. Regen Ghebrtnsa Ghebrmrim beat the woman into submission and raped her, details of which are so sadistic that it’s graphic description may be too disturbing for some. As appalling as the crime was, it still wasn’t enough to keep an appeal’s court judge from delivering one of the most unjust rulings of the refugee crisis.

Sentenced to a 2.5-year prison term and deportation back to Eritrea, Ghebrmrim recently won his appeal, allowing the former illegal alien to stay as a permanent resident of Sweden and remain on welfare benefits. In a shocking turn of events, a chief judge and several lay judges heard the gruesome details of the horrific rape and physical assault, yet freed the rapist because they deemed the offense was “not sufficiently serious.”

According to Fria Tider, Ghebrmrim first pried open the woman’s mouth and poured alcohol down her throat.


  1. I bet the scumbag judge would have a slightly different outlook on these things if his daughter or wife (or boyfriend?) got a force-able schlonging from a koranimal.

  2. Where are this girls brothers or cousins or hell, even neighbors??? Take care of that f'er the home school way.
    John h