Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ann Coulter Lights Wisconsin on Fire for Paul Nehlen Against Paul Ryan: ‘This is It, This is Your Last Chance to Save America’

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 Ann Coulter and Paul Nehlen
“I brought some notes so I could do an imitation of Donald Trump choking out his endorsement (Of Ryan) last night, reading from his paper,”

Twelve-time New York Times bestselling author and conservative columnist and commentator Ann Coulter lit House Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown on fire in a blistering rebuke of Ryan here on Saturday in which she endorsed Republican businessman Paul Nehlen for Congress.

“You are so lucky to be living in this district because it’s like we’re standing in the Amtrak train station looking up and there’s only two trains leaving,” Coulter said in a speech just a few city blocks away from Ryan’s mansion here on Saturday. “You got the Nehlen leaving at 2:06 and then the Trump leaving the station. After that happens, there’s not another train coming through.  This is it. This is your last chance to save America. Vote for the party of America for Americans and vote for Paul Nehlen.”

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  1. Paul Nehlen looks All American. Ryan looks like something
    performing in the circus like the Tunnel of Horrors or
    maybe the diabolical clown.