Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bonnie Blue Farm!


"Y'all will be relieved and comforted in your souls to find out that the mighty US government is acting even as you sit there doing nothing, you slouch, to deliver a suffering nation from a massive cheese glut. Although I have to work like a ferret in a deserted rat hole to find any edible cheese in an American grocery store, although Americans call Velveeta "cheese," apparently the whole country is stuffed to the gills with so much cheese that the US Department of Agriculture, whose job is to destroy agriculture, must buy 11 million pounds for $20 million.

Now try to grasp this. Not 15 miles from me my friends Jim and Gayle Tanner operate Bonnie Blue Farm, the only Grade A goat dairy in Tennessee. With ne'er a drap of gummint money or subsidy, they have built one of the finest dairy goat herds in the country, dug their own cheese cave, and made cheese so superb that they can't make enough of it! Restaurants and consumers are hollerin' to get their hands on Bonnie Blue cheeses, soft or aged, goat or cow.

Now what do Jim and Gayle know that the almighty yankee government don't know and can't figure out? I tell you this much: the word "Velveeta" ain't in their vocabulary. Neither is "subsidy." www.bonniebluefarm.com. And Bonnie Blue's cheese can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything made in Europe and shove back. Ain't no cheese glut in Wayne County."

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