Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Newly Released Emails Show This SHOCKING Relationship Between U.S. State Department and Clinton Foundation

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I use the term ‘shocking’ rather loosely. Nothing should shock us anymore when it comes to the Clintons. And we all know what effect this news is going to have on her supporters: nothing.

I’m convinced that if there were evidence that the Clintons were involved in something vile like child sex trafficking, Hillary’s supporters would find a way to defend it, perhaps even saying that it was “for the children.”

Newly released emails and internal phone calls – obtained by Judicial Watch and Citizens United – show a blatant pay-to-play scheme going on during Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation acted as a sort of broker for anyone else who wanted favors from or access to the State Department. When certain foreign dignitaries or others wanted to “play” at the State Department, they couldn’t have access until they “paid” the Clinton Foundation.

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