Friday, August 19, 2016

Donald Trump tours flood-ravaged Louisiana with 18-wheeler of supplies

Via comment by Anonymous on Louisiana Goes Wild For Trump

Donald Trump signs a supporter’s shirt outside Greenwell Springs Baptist church in Central, Louisiana.

The post-disaster politicking got under way in earnest on Friday, as Donald Trump appeared in flood-stricken Louisiana to give his image a presidential burnish, and as the White House announced Barack Obama would tour the area next Tuesday.

 A day earlier Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards, had warned Trump not to show up in Louisiana “for a photo op”. Instead, he said, Trump should volunteer and make donations.

Edwards also defended the delayed visit by Obama, who has come under heavy criticism locally for not interrupting his vacation to come tour the disaster area.

The photo opportunity is a time-honored political maneuver after a natural disaster, and Trump put his own spin on it, traveling with an 18-wheel transfer truck full of supplies to hand out to crowds.

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  1. Obama's DoJ sent a letter working service providers not to be racists. What a classless buffon.

    1. Obama just said he most most concerned about prejudice in Louisiana.. :)

  2. Katrina? I read all about Katrina. If any race discriminated
    it was the Black race. Savagery is the key word. Attempts
    to rescue people sitting on the roofs was met with savage
    gun fire. Children who went to the bathroom were assaulted
    and raped to death. Boy, will I be glad to see the back of the Commdumbo's ass.
    Praise be Trump.