Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Glenn Beck Accuses Trump of Creating Conservative Movement Like #BlackLivesMatter

Via Billy

This guy has REALLY lost it—

Glenn Beck accused Donald Trump of creating a conservative “BlackLivesMatter type of movement.

Yeah, those Trump supporters are JUST LIKE Black Lives Matter.

looters ferguson

More @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Beck had long since lost his mind. Nobody watched or listens to him anymore. Bankruptcy looms. I thing he is over due for another crying jag about do terrible disease he suffers from or some such crap. A straightjacket BC and a rubber room would do him a world of good. Not to mention we wouldn't have to hear anymore of his lunacy.

  2. Beck is a tool of TPTB. Why any thinking person would pay any attention to him is just beyond me.

    Wait a minute, I said any thinking person...........


  3. I used to listen to him but he's really gone south quick. Or maybe I've just further woken up?
    Regardless, he's a complete tool now.

    This morning he was saying that stephen bannon from brietbart, whom our God Emperor put in charge as ceo of the campaign was the most evil man he could imagine and that he would Trump's goebbels.

    You know, because the guy is a no bullshit attack dog for truth libery and american freedom; that makes him the same as hitler's media spin guy for the holocaust...

    More info here about the campaign changes:

    1. Thanks and here's another:

  4. Cuckservative Beck suffers from a severe case of "White guilt," resulting in a hindrance to rational thought. I fear nothing short of his own demise will suffice.

    Average Joe

  5. Just can't do Beck anymore. It's Hillary or Trump so why continually bitch & moan about it. Hell, the election will likely be "postponed" anyway --- if ya know what I mean.