Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good Samaritan helps teens pull SUV out of ditch — then he’s shot to death

Via Nancy

 Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler and Deon Antonio Frasier (Photo Credit: CCDC)

Two South Carolina teenagers are charged with murder in the shooting death of a good Samaritan who helped them pull an SUV out of a ditch.

North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor tells local news outlets the victim stopped to help the teens pull the vehicle out of a ditch about 11 p.m. Monday and was robbed and shot after the vehicle was freed. The name of the victim, who died at the scene, was not immediately released.

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  1. I just read about this. I mean, how low can one go. These
    things do not qualify as human beings. Unbelievable.
    You know, the policeman who was killed in Eastman, Georgia,
    well I have been to Eastman a hundred times as I know some-
    one from there. Eastman is a farm town; a simple and basically ugly little town, way off from the interstate.
    No bars, nothing. What was something like this killer doing
    there. He did not look like he belonged. Atlanta, Macon -

  2. You can pretty much bet he was white and this human garbage justified killing him on that basis alone.

  3. They deserve the death penalty. Both of em.

    And because of shit like this - I just keep onnnnn drivin.... fuck em. I'd like to live to see my family when I get home.

  4. Get some GD rope a and rectify THIS problem !!!

  5. The victim was a hard working Black man. Picture on Amren.
    The walking, breathing scum do not care who they kill.

  6. Don't waste time on a trial. One .45 230 grain hollow point to the cranium will work quickly.