Monday, September 12, 2016

Confederate flags flying at the Southern 500



Throwback paint schemes on racecars and retro logos and signs welcomed Nascar fans when they arrived at Darlington Raceway this weekend for the Bojangles’ Southern 500 Sprint Cup race. The marketing campaign was designed to make one of the most storied tracks on the circuit look like the early 1970s all over again.

Fans were more than happy to complete the picture, much to Nascar’s dismay. The Confederate flags they raised on R.V.s across the infield and outside the track dotted the sky above Darlington on Friday morning, as they have for decades here. The Southern 500, after all, was long known for playing “Dixie” as its anthem and used to feature a character named Johnny Reb — a man dressed as a Confederate soldier who stood atop the winning car with a rebel flag.

As those Confederate flags waved once more on Friday, Nascar faced its recurring quandary: How could a sport so closely associated with its Southern roots broaden its appeal nationally without alienating that base?

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  1. It can't. Nascar is innately Southron. Pandering to non-Southrons who either hold Southron culture in contempt, or don't understand it, is a flawed business model. They can either embrace their limited audience or be rendered the same bland, favorless, politically correct gruel that everything else is being progressively processed into.

    The New Yahk Times should report on Big Apple matters.

  2. About damn time. Make the Marxists sick. According to this
    article this is now in vogue - Confederate flags make the
    Marxist liberal trash deathly sick - reason to force the
    take-down of the Confederate flag. They might die:

    1. WOW! I just posted it. :) Brilliant minds.......

    2. I'm going to take your word for it because integrity
      is everything.:)