Monday, September 12, 2016

More Akin To Goebbles

The best thing that could happen during this presidential election is happening.  Once and for all, the press is being outed as the traitorous bunch of clowns we have always known they were.  Their absolute devotion to anyone not named Trump is driving them into increasingly ridiculous and contemptible positions concerning Hillary Clinton, her crimes and her rapidly declining health.  Their only hope is to push the corpse across the finish line of the election and rally around Tim Kaine.

But, millenials are, for all of the bad press about their addiction to video games and their devotion to smoking dope, are growing concerned that the emperoress has no clothes, despite the fawning description of the beautiful attire. Never before has reality so closely reflected a fairy tale as the blind, deaf and dumb press corps accommodatingly ignoring the obvious flaws of a pre-ordained head of state.  There is always an excuse for a Clinton, always a nuanced explanation that is offered and eagerly consumed by the press.

It depends on what the definition of "heat" is.


  1. "Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred." That be us; us White
    folks. Even Biden is calling for the eradication of Whites.

    1. Biden is calling for the eradication of Whites.

      Should be in a mental institution.