Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Did this for some friends, Critique? Suggestions? Omissions?"

For us, average old white guys, odds are that any encounter we have with crime will involve a young black male, big, strong, fit and utterly without scruple.  He will most likely be broadly stupid, with an ambient temperature IQ, no useful social skills or ambition to learn.  He may or may not be stoned or drunk or both.  He will not act alone.  He will likely have a distraction crew divert your attention, or a back up team awaiting your knockdown.

They are fast, deft, operate with animal cunning, and they are predators, after all. And they KNOW their ground, every hide, shadow, loose fence, abandoned car.

You may not see the attack that hits you, they like to strike from behind.  Typically they'll approach close enough to deliver a powerful punch to the back of your head. They will likely have some 'aid' in that fist . . . say a roll of quarters or some hefty hardware.

When you go down, they and their compatriots will kick, hard and quick, at the head, ribs, spine, and do forth.  While your catchin' kicks, one will rifle your pockets, grab your watch and whatever valuables you were carrying.  Females may participate in this phase.  This will all happen too fast to believe and they are expert in these tactics.

Bystanders will be helpless to intervene, or too frightened to even consider taking any action; we are a nation of scared sissies nowadays.  If you happen to be accompanied by a woman, she'll be roughly treated and robbed as well, if they have time.  If not, she'll be decked and left.

Pepper spray, strobe lights, kabars and katanas will be of no use to you when this happens.  Neither will a pistol.  You're just carrying for them to steal.

Hearing enhancers will not be much help, because they wear soft soled running shoes and are as silent as snakes in long grass.  A large dog of a suitable breed is a deterrent.Not always practical, and most people are not really qualified to handle a good dog. Really serious thugs will shoot the dog first, then take you apart.

Their hunting grounds are parking garages, parking lots, theatre districts, 'red light' districts.  You may be attacked in a Library parking lot, Mall parking lot, hospital or airport parking or accessways, motels, bars, anywhere a weak victim with money might come along.  Parks and Campus walks are also prime.  Don't go car shopping after dark at unattended lots. They roam, they may be anywhere good targets go.

If confronted, do not make eye contact, keep your head up, walk purposefully and exhibit all the confidence you don't really feel.  Don't speak to them.  If you have a Police whistle, BLOW IT as loud and long as you can.

Move to the middle of the street and bring your cane to the 'Guard'.  This is no time to be racking the slide on a pistol. If you carry, carry a revolver or cocked and locked, so there's no time or motion wasted.  Don't try to scare them away, they don't believe you have the balls to really shoot one of them.  They may even push a young punkout to get shot first, so they can swarm you.

Carry a 'spare wallet' with some bills and phony cards in it, pull it out and throw itso that the stuff comes out.  It might distract them, just long enough for you to get to cover or concealment.  Some old car keys may be useful too.  If you use this ploy, make sure they see you do it!  They'll be focused on you like a snake on a rat, so make your distraction noticeable.

Your best defense is A V O I D A N C E. America is not a free country anymore. The streets do not belong to you, after dark. Intelligence . . . know the enemy,know the terrain, know the threat, know the danger times, know a street cop, EMT,mCabbie or Pizza delivery guy.  They know the NO GO areas better than anybody. And know the Law, you'll burn in hell if your shoot is not blessed by some MarxistmDA, who hates guns, you, and his own petty life.  NEVER shoot Dindu in the back, I don't care if he's raping your granddaughter.  Shoot him in the face.

If, in spite of all, you get into a scrape, know that .22, .25, .32, .380, and probably that 9mm will not be big enough to do the job.  My Uncle was a Cop, he got a call to a bar shooting.  Somebody shot Dindu in the forehead with a .45 FMJ ball cartridge.  Dindu regained consciousness as they rolled him into a body bag. The bullet ricocheted of his skull and no serious damage was done, but for the
hide.  He recovered well enough to get shot again, seven times, with a .45, all torso hits, from the front, about a year later.  Saturday afternoon, sidewalk, nobody saw nuttin'.

Know too, that you'll not be able to transition to your 'approved' fighting stance.  You may have to shoot from an unpracticed hold or position or with the wrong hand.  Don't be caught off base. PRACTICE with BB gun or Water Pistol, I don't care but be both hands familiar.

In the Congo, one of the guys was jumped from behind as he searched a body. He had his pistol in his hand so he shot from between his legs into the Terr's crotch . . . messy but he walked away, the Terr did not.  (French MAB pistol)

My buddy Lauren got car jacked in his brand new Buick.  Dindu jerked the passenger door open on the wife's side and came into the the rear cabin. He had a small pistol of some sort, Lauren had his .45.  Dindu lost.  But the muzzle flash set the headliner on fire, and so, the new Buick became a total loss, as did Dindu.

They were at a shopping center in Hattiesburg, MS in broad daylight.  Lauren had parked away from the crowd, because his car was brand new and he didn't want it dinged up.  Lauren was a 10th group Team Sergeant, home on leave.  He skated, but just barely.



  1. I have a CCL and carry almost every time I walk out of my house in Western North Carolina. Either a 9mm Taurus 709 or a Springfield Armory 40 cal. XDS. At 74 years of age I have a 3-line Credo:

    1) I'm too old to fight the young thugs.

    2) I'm too old to run from the young thugs.

    3) I'm too young to die at the hands of young thugs.

    It's a pay "One-Time" Life insurance policy!

    1. I won't carry either one of my .45's 100% of the time, but I do keep a .357 in my pocket always.

  2. I was just working on the "Awareness" part of my CCW class presentation. This came along at the perfect time. There is much her that I can incorporate into my class. Thanks Brock!

  3. CCDW and I carry my 1911A1 all day. Every day. Last winter two Mexicans followed me out of Wal-Mart. I just took out the 1911 racked a round and applied the safety , put it back in my shoulder holster and grinned at them. They looked at each other and went back in the store. I never go into the hood rat AO. The only time they came to my street DEEP in the all white 'burb's, twenty men found the sudden need to go outside---armed. They left.---Ray