Friday, September 23, 2016

Heidi Cruz Rejoins Goldman Sachs

Via comment by Terry on Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump


While Goldman is best known for creating the revolving door, where it either soaks up SEC "regulators", spawns countless central bankers, Treasury Secretaries like Hank Paulson (whose departure from the firm allowed him a tax free cash out on his vested GS equity), NJ governors and client fund comminglers like Jon Corzine, a new function was revealed today: providing sabbaticals for the spouses of presidential candidates. Case in point: Heidi Cruz, who left Goldman Sachs last year to help her husband Ted Cruz in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, is returning to the bank in a newly created role in the Houston office.

According to Bloomberg which first reported the story, Cruz will focus on helping to win new clients, focusing on strategic relationships, and report to David Fox, head of private wealth management for the southwest region, according to a memo to staff on Friday.

Here is her latest bio:

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  1. Well, there's a surprise...
    With the prospect of Teddy being primaried, it's good that she will at least have a job - wouldn't want the girls on food stamps.