Thursday, September 1, 2016

Legal Experts: Allowing DHS to Secure Elections Would Set a Dangerous Precedent

Via Iver
 University of California/Berkeley Law Prof. John Yoo. 

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's suggestion that state and local voting systems be designated as “pieces of critical infrastructure” so that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can protect them from hackers is unconstitutional and would create a dangerous precedent, legal experts said.

“The Department of Homeland Security does not have the legal authority to interfere with states’ election systems without their permission,” University of California/Berkeley School of Law Professor John Yoo told

“While the federal government has the general power to protect the nation’s cyber infrastructure, it cannot intrude into areas of state sovereignty without clear constitutional mandate. 


  1. When my family and I visited DC a number of years ago I went to the National Archive to see my Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The very first thing you notice is how faint the writing has become. It is almost an allegory, our nation is fading just as the words on the paper.

  2. And is this ass clown not the principal author of the Bush/Cheney “torture memos”, defending the so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques”, during Yoo’s tenure at the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel?