Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Deja Vu, circa the George W. Bush Years


Twenty-three Republican Senators joined a large majority of Democrats to vote for the Bush bill to amnesty millions of present and future illegal aliens. The bill passed the Senate 62–36.

The Republican Senators supporting amnesty and future immigration increases were from Maine (2), New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio (2), Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Alaska (2), Virginia (Warner, military-industrial complex), South Carolina (Graham, Presidential hopeful), Tennessee (Frist, Presidential hopeful), Florida (Martinez, self-explanatory).

Thirty-six Senators voted against electing a new American population in place of the present one. Four of these were Democrats from West Virginia, Michigan, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

The thirty-two Republicans Senators who went on record against the President’s atrocity against our country were from Virginia, North Carolina (2), South Carolina, Georgia (2), Alabama (2), Mississippi (2), Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas (2), Oklahoma (2), Missouri (2), Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming (2), Montana, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

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