Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NC: Logic?


If you are 17 years old, you are considered mature enough to have a relationship with an older individual, but are not to buy or drink a  beer............


  1. When I was a young fella the individual states set the drinking age. I lived in New Jersey (21) but was a few miles from New York (18) so we hit the road on weekends, got blotto and bare made it home. I think it was back in the 1980's the federal government forced the 21 age on all states by threatening to withhold Federal money from the State transportation funds. Like the Obama feds are doing today mandating restrictions on large city police forces by threatening to withhold Federal Law enforcement funds or with the HB-2 NC bathroom bill Federal Education money.

  2. Is child rape logical? Nope. Trump was right about these
    invaders. These pedophile atrocities use to be reported,
    now its hidden like the crime in my area which has increased
    100 hundred fold and left out of the local news. Pick and

  3. There is no logic. Consider too, a 17 year may hunt with a firearm, using the same caliber(s) once use for combat weapons (e.g. .30-06, 7.62x54R, .308 and 5.56). 17 years have married. They may operate an automobile or pilot and aircraft. Yet if that same 17 year old wants to drink a beer legally that they may not do. More proof that Shakespeare was onto some thing; "But first let's kill all the lawyers."

    1. "But first let's kill all the lawyers."


  4. And then you have fluoridated water which logically you would
    not want as it is basically a poison. So if a city decides
    not to have the addition of fluoride then the city is
    punished by withholding some fed monies, which is really
    tax payers money. Then along comes forced vaccination.

  5. Wells here too but when I go to my sister's in Asheville,
    I never drink or take a shower in the H20. Stinks like
    hell when one is not accustomed to the smell. People who
    have fluoride don't even notice it anymore. Smells like
    a swimming pool.

    1. Hope she's not a Left-Of-Lenin liberal like so many from there. :)

    2. HA. She is basically a nothing.