Tuesday, October 25, 2016

50,000 Factories Are GONE, Hillary

Via Billy


Hillary the defender of the globalization policies. Hillary, when asked about the laid off workers she laughed and said: “We can’t subsidize our economy. She is telling us to deal with it, the factories are leaving and she is not doing anything about that. Her sponsors gave the orders and she has to obey. 

 Let me recite some numbers to show the damage.
  • How many factories were closed and moved overseas since NAFTA free trade agreement was signed in 1997
  • 50,000 factories. Again, Fifty Thousand factories.
  • How many American factory workers were laid off as a consequence?
  • 5,000,000. Five million factory workers from 2000 to 2016.
These workers were buying and shopping. When they lost their jobs, they stopped shopping. Consequently, those who were selling them services they lost their jobs. Everyone starting losing their houses.

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