Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LS: An open statement to the Russian Federation

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On behalf of traditional Southerners, The League of the South issues this open statement to the Russian Federation and its chief executive, Vladimir Putin, on the subject of US/NATO warmongering in Syria, the greater Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

We traditional Southerners look upon the people of Russia as fellow Christians who are seeking to protect themselves and their national interests from the corrupt and diabolical forces of globalism. We want no part of a war with the Russian Federation instigated by the USA/NATO alliance, the heart of the globalist cabal.

To us, neither Aleppo nor Kiev, among other places, is worth the risk of nuclear conflagration. We understand that the current crisis in Syria, for instance, is one of the US and NATO’s making.

President Assad, as the head of a sovereign nation, has invited you in; he has not invited the US or NATO. Yet the latter have employed forces there as if they have the right to do so. Moreover, their continued aggressive actions, both overt and covert, are a threat to the peace of the entire region and of the world. Thus, we call upon the US and NATO to withdraw their forces from this theater of operations and leave Syria and President Assad to run their own affairs as they see fit.

For over two decades, The League of the South has opposed the infernal machinations of The American Empire. We still seek our independence from it for the survival and well-being of our people–the Southern nation.

We encourage the Russian Federation to discern that Washington, DC, with each passing day, becomes more and more disconnected from the people over whom they rule with an iron hand. The Southern people are not your enemy; on the contrary, as fellow Christians and traditionalists, we seek friendship and peace with the Russian people and their leaders in hopes that the true interests of both can be served by opposing the immoral globalist order.

In the current struggle between nationalism and globalism, we seek good relations with all who wish to promote the interests of the former and to counter those of the latter. May God bless both of our peoples.

Michael Hill, on behalf of the Board and Staff of The League of the South


  1. Well said. Exactly my thoughts.

  2. AMEN to that Mr Hill!

  3. I remember a Pat Buchanan column some years ago in which he wrote that "the Russians should be our natural allies". I agree with this Statement to the Russian Federation and especially for the traditional Christian culture that binds our people.

    As Thomas Jefferson wrote, "....peace, commerce and friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." Hopefully we will finally elect a pro-American administration and banish our globalist war mongers.

    1. Amen. ...."peace, commerce and friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."
      Another of our founding principles, trampled upon by the globalist elite of Mordor on the Potomac...

      May the tyrants of the swamp all meet their fate, and soon!


  4. The Russian people are like all true Southerners! They have a very deep attachment to the land of Mother Russia! At one time all of America had the same attachment as they have. Sadly we have allowed brain washing by the ruling elite to separate us. Their soul game is control and return us to serfdom. The Empire is the neighborhood bully! It's their way or else! President Putin will not tolerate their crap.

  5. After a statement like that I'd expect another invasion from the north, if we were not still occupied by them.

    Average Joe