Friday, October 14, 2016

Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission to the right in the poorly designed clickable image is a labor of necessity of those of us in the patriot/liberty/III/2nd Amendment/freedomista community. Basically, if you care about freedom or liberty or understand the difference and/or you recognize the value of the Second Amendment as it struggles to survive the liberal assaults from day to day, then you realize the necessity of reaching out to the succeeding generations who have not been taught the value of liberty and, in fact, have been taught the value of collectivization over liberty, then you should recognize the value of the documentary in the making called Lies of Omission.

People, this is not a scheme or business model. The amount of money put into this project has already been extensive from the few people involved and the $200,000 budget is legit and not out of reach for this community, though our intent is to seek outside funding, we have to show a significant interest before anyone will talk to us. Even subscribing to our Twitter feed means something in the end, so even if you do not want to contribute at least subscribe to the Twitter feed as a sign of the amount of people who want to see this project completed.

The price of a DVD is roughly that of a pizza.

But, let me appeal to you in a way more comfortable to my nature. The fact is the largest demographic in the liberty community is over 50 and we are not going to live forever.

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