Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UN makes power play against Trump

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Dr. Robinson (Dixie's Homeschooler) Myth Of Global Warming

International governments have made a power play against Donald Trump by ratifying an international climate deal earlier than expected, effectively preventing him from “canceling” the deal as he has promised to do. 

The European Union’s Tuesday decision to join the Paris climate deal will push the deal over the threshold for ratification; it will formally take effect in 30 days. 

That means Trump, should he be elected president in November, could not “cancel” or renegotiate the terms of the agreement.

President Obama committed the United States to reduce its emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent by 2025 as part of the deal. The agreement is nonbinding, so Trump would be free to ignore it if he wins the White House.

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  1. Well, that and also Obama agreed without Senate backing so American participation would be illegal.

  2. Art is the MAN!

    4th times a charm.

    Arts' viewpoint on Education.

  3. Absolutely, but major problem each time. Thanks.

    District 04 Peter DeFazio (D)* $1,041,137
    Art Robinson (R) $5,859

    1. DeFazio will use that money to make the same old commercial he does every two years.
      He drives around in his hoopty old Plymouth as a showing he is just a regular guy.

    2. The non-imbecilic counties need to secede! :)