Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And Here Come The Boo Birds.

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I wholeheartedly agree.

 With two months to go yet before Inauguration Day the second guessing boo birds are flocking already, bitching and moaning because the President Elect isn't chomping at the bit to throw Hillary Clinton in jail as if that was the first and foremost goal of the last eighteen months of campaigning.

Could also be that Trump is simply providing momentary distraction while he consolidates control in what he feels are are more important areas of economic and foreign policy before the inauguration. After he is sworn in and has his team and policies in motion he can revisit issues that at this point the pursuit of which will only feed ammunition to the leftists and anarchists who are seeking any excuse to foment chaos. For the time being he needs to do what he can to disarm and neutralize them.

Once again Trump is proving he's smarter than most give him credit for. He's already called the corrupt news media to task and most likely already has plans to counter their campaign of lies and deceit going forward. I'd be willing to bet he has sent a back channel message to the Clinton's and Obama that they need to just go off into retirement and follow the long standing tradition of outgoing administrations not criticizing the incoming one. Otherwise the gloves will come back off.

The most important task is to reverse the last 28 years of neocon destruction. The evidence against the Clintons isn't going anywhere and the statute of limitations has a long way to run yet. I would rather see President Trump get his agenda moving and putting people back to work than play games of political revenge. That will do far more to secure the future and continue to weaken the Democrats in 2018 and beyond than a long drawn out political and judicial conflict, that would only both prove a distraction and strengthen the resolve of the Democrats and their media allies.

For now let's just let our new President determine his administration's priorities. Far to many people who did little more than vote for him or throw a few bucks into his campaign are already second guessing him. He didn't dispatch sixteen competitors in the primary and then put the Clinton machine to rest in the general election by being the same kind of dumb ass petty hack that has been the hallmark of DC politcs for too damn long. Isn't that why we supported him in the first place?


  1. Trump is one help of a magician. While he's talking all bombastic about whatever or tweeting up a hurricane he's also making thousands of jobs reappear and etc.
    I also loved 2 headlines I saw yesterday. 1 said Trump had cancelled a NYT interview and then it was on again. My first thought was Muhammad Ali and how Trump was doing a rope a dope on the press.
    The second was how Trump flip flopped 6 times in said interview. Go ahead NYT. I think he's playing 3d chess while y'all are playing checkers.

    1. I think he's playing 3d chess while y'all are playing checkers.

      Like Putin v Obama.