Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sketch of General Lee, thousands of Confederate dollars and Jefferson Davis' cigars: The forgotten items found in a time capsule buried for 121 years under a Civil War memorial

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Three decades after the Civil War ended = 1985? S/B 1895, must be liberal math.

A confederate time capsule buried more than 100 years ago underneath a Civil War monument has been opened for the first time.

Hidden inside the box were relics not seen for 121 years since they were closed up in the capsule and placed under the The Confederate Monument on the University of Louisville campus in Kentucky.

Many of the items inside the brass box have decayed over time or been entirely destroyed, however experts will still able to determine what they were. 

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  1. So my anger is supposed
    to be compensated by the
    propagandized awe of this discovery?
    Let''s completely ignore and pretend
    that this discovery is the result of the
    unopposed attacks and destruction
    of Confederate and American history,
    by treasonous communists
    (using the tactics of sharia law muslim
    terrorists), the traitorous politicans of
    the 'uniparty', and their SJW foot soldiers.

    cav med

    1. (using the tactics of sharia law muslim

      Good point.

  2. The best steaks are made
    from slaughtered sacred cows.
    For all you knuckleheads who still
    believe in Unicorns, rainbows and
    fairy tales, Breitbart, Fox, etc.
    Patrick Caddell shuts that shit down
    in less than sixty seconds during
    an interview (on Breitbart news) this
    morning, leading off with his opinion
    about Trump selecting Nikki Haley
    as ambassador to the U.N. yesterday.
    During the brief opening seconds, he
    describes the “positive leadership she
    exhibited” in having the Confederate Battle Flag removed from S.C. state capitol property.
    Suck on that lemon before dinner
    tomorrow, or during your next sodomy rape
    by the forces of ‘fuck your rule of law’
    and equal justice.

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you all.

    cav med

    1. No one expected Trump cares about the flag :P

      Cruz is prob the only one who'd defend it, but I didn't think Cruz could win. And I didn't trust Cruz otherwise.

      That said, I don't think it matters what the president or Patrick Caddell thinks of the flag. After the Alt Right stuff though, Trump has to make sure he's "mainstream"...

      The policies are what matter. Everyone hates Southerners.

    2. Everyone hates Southerners.

      I revel in such! :) Reminds me of a beach friend who has finally gotten his life straight after serving 9 years in prison out of his 26. The nicest guy in the world, but I have seen him flip out in a second and back down six Marines.
      He evidently truly enjoys fighting as afterwards he turned to me with a glow on his face saying the same, 'I revel in such.' Of course the Marines have to be careful to only defend themselves or they'll get in trouble with the Corps which is one of the problems today.

      "The Old Gym"
      No recourse at all to fighting which made all careful of what they said.

      Back to the fighter: Some prisons have individual showers, but the ones that don't mean a buddy must be stationed guarding you while you shower and everyone has a knife.

      "The Old Gym"

  3. Agreed, screw him. Maybe he'll choose Dr. Frankenstein for
    Surgeon General so he can lobotomize all the suckers and they'll not recall being suckers.
    Or, we can Confederatize Trump like my man Patton.

    1. , we can Confederatize Trump like my man Patton.

      Trump did go to military school and Patton learned the history of the Late Unpleasantness on his grandfather's knee, a Confederate officer.

  4. Sort of like, history begins at home.
    Brock, I guess you are getting it all together to escape
    the biggest slave plantation of all time.
    Will your blog close down while you are away, I think for
    about five months?

    1. to escape the biggest slave plantation of all time.

      Ha! :) No, my Pier Weekly will change to the Vietnam Weekly though and I imagine there will be fewer posts although they have WI-fi all over the place now where it was sparse in 2005. I can connect off my phone but too expensive, so when I wander to the boondocks which I love there should be less and thanks for asking.