Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Breathing Room

Via Iver

Breathing room. God love Trump’s red-hats, I thank them, and I am thankful for them and what they accomplished. While I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome (don’t get me started about the last time I gave myself the luxury of savoring apple-flavored, star-spangled unicorn pie), I’m not dropping my pack. There is still much to be done completing The Work; its necessity is unabated.

Here’s just a few reasons why, even if Trump has every intention of following-through on his campaign rhetoric:

 About 60 million Americans looked at Hillary, knew her crimes, perversions, volatile temperament and physical incapacity and said, “sure, why not?”

Only about 60 million Americans bothered to get in the way. Less than 20%, barely enough, at that. As of this writing, fewer than the above.

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