Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Stop Crying, Blamed Comey/Obama and The Truly Deplorable

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Po' thing, crying for yourself when you should be crying for the Americans you purposely abandoned in Benghazi. You should receive the penalty you administered to them for your traitorous actions.  May you burn in hell.

Author Ed Klein joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV on Wednesday after Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the US presidency in his first ever political race.

Klein said Hillary Clinton called a friend and couldn’t stop crying.

She blamed FBI Director Comey and Obama for the loss.

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The Truly Deplorable


  1. Comey and Obumm protected the wretch. I blame Comey and
    Obumm for setting her free and not taking responsibility
    for her crimes which are numerous and vile.
    I was just wondering if Comey sold that three million dollar
    mansion he has as of yet.

    1. He certainly won't have to worry about Trump keeping him. :)

  2. And she accused Trump of not having the temperment to be POTUS. She is supposed to be the seasoned veteran of politics and she behaved as a teenager who missed out on the 'party of the year'.

    Still - its tough. She had a great coronation all fixed up but Life gave her a revised plan.

  3. She might be getting some of that smoke and sulfur smell from her next home, in her eyes!