Sunday, November 20, 2016

Donald Trump, America’s first independent president

Via Billy

Viewed through any conventional lens, President-elect Donald Trump’s candidacy was improbable from start to finish. Today, two things about his victory seem to be in sharper focus: one, that Trump’s victory might best be understood as the success of the country’s first independent president, and second, that the Trump coalition may be even more uniquely his than President Obama’s has turned out to be.

Think again about how he prevailed. There are a handful of major events during a general election that give the nominees a chance to showcase themselves, their judgment and their vision. One is the selection of a running mate. Another is the staging of the conventions. A third is performance in the debates. Hillary Clinton did better than Trump on all three tests, though Trump’s team believes the debates did not fall so decisively in her favor.


  1. AS I have been led to understand Mr Trump financed most of his campaign, look at the huge tax write off he is going to enjoy... oh, but I as sure as I sit here banging on these keys the left/liberals are going to scream that is not fair and he has "white privilege!" I rather like the idea of an independent President. I am wondering once he swears in he will pull a "bernie" and declare he is no longer a repub...

    1. As I have thought before, this election will spell the end of the Republican party as we know it and good riddance to bad rubbish,

  2. I have never considered a tax write off. To be sure Trump is arguably the most tactically intelligent POTUS ever.
    It took a Carter to give us Reagan and it took Obama to give us a chance at redemption and it took Trump to finally gives us someone worthy of WF Buckley's quote;
    A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling 'Stop!'