Thursday, November 3, 2016


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The following tribute of respect from Leonidas Polk Bivouac, No.3, and William Henry Trousdale Camp, 495, of Confederate Veterans, truthfully portrays the feeling that exists between the the Southern people, especially the Confederate Veterans, and the old and faithful Southern Negroes:

Whereas the faithful old Negro man, Braxton Bragg, died in Columbia, Tenn.,... Wednesday morning, January 17, 1900; and whereas Bragg was the body servant of Gen. Braxton Bragg, and was true to his Southern friends, and principles through life; therefore be it

Resolved, that a page in our minutes be set apart in honor of Braxton Bragg, the Negro, who died here at an advanced age; that our thanks are hereby extended to our comrades, Daughters of the Confederacy, and citizens generally who were so kind to Bragg during life and in his last sickness; also to our comrades who made the funeral arrangements.

The following comrades served as pallbearers: H. A. Brown, H. G. Evans, W. J. Whitthorne, J. T. Williamson, H. L. Hendley, and A. N. Akin. Revs. Baker P. Lee and W. T. Ussery, conducted the funeral services. Although the weather was inclement, the funeral was largely attended. The Columbia newspapers and the CONFEDERATE VETERAN are requested to publish these proceedings.

W. A. Smith, J. M. Hodge, B. S. Thomas, Committee.

Confederate Veteran May 1900


  1. According to Sam Watkins in his classic history of the Army of Tennessee, Co. Aytch, the soldiers hated Bragg as a cruel, incompetent tyrant.