Thursday, November 3, 2016

Resign and Reveal


No indictments? How many different criminal acts have to under investigation by the FBI before it gains the effect of critical mass and an indictment comes down for perjury, or destruction of evidence, or obstruction of justice, or conspiracy to obstruct justice? What about RICO? By this stage there is evidence galore of the Clinton Foundation falling afoul of the RICO Act. As Guiliani said tonight, he could have gotten an indictment on a fraction of what the FBI has now and may have had back in July.

As critical as I am of the FBI at times, when they act like the thugs they are supposed to be putting in jail, I also believe that there are some good, decent men and women in the ranks who look at the piling evidence and recognize that their bureau is being painted with the same brush as the Clinton Foundation. Frankly, they look a little "bought off" not so much by money as by the promise of retirement and continued employment, some pretty persuasive inducements themselves.

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