Friday, November 4, 2016

In Case You Missed It, Canada Passed An Anti-Islamophobia Motion

Via Cousin Dale ",,,,,,,,It greatly saddens me to report this....but our government has passed "islamophobia" legislation as of last week. Canadians can now face criminal charges and publicly outed for critiquing islam! Being one of the largest western Canadian advocates, it would seem I may be bumping into Johnny Law soon! My thoughts are with you and others there regarding your upcoming election........"


Canadians can't be blamed for missing the anti-Islamophobia motion that passed in parliament last week. If you Google it, you won't get a single hit in mainstream media: not in CBC, not in Postmedia, not in the Globe and Mail, nowhere. 

In fact, when this piece is published, it may be the first media piece talking about Canada's successful anti-Islamophobia motion.

While you won't find any coverage of the anti-Islamophobia motion that passed on Oct. 26, you will find articles about a similar motion that was defeated on Oct. 6.

Personally, I find it curious that a motion condemning Islamophobia that fails is news, while an identical motion that passes is not.

This may be a case of "anti-Islamophobia motion meets Islamophobic media."

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