Saturday, November 12, 2016

$outhern Poverty Law Center Facing ‘New Reality,’ Calls Trump Advisers ‘Far-Right Extremists’

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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that has been praised by Obama’s Justice Department for combating “domestic extremism” and designates groups on a “Hate Map” including some controversial listings of conservative groups, reacted Wednesday to the news of President-elect Donald Trump’s win calling it a “new reality.”

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Via Chric "Brock I subscribe to the SPLC emails so I can see what the enemy is talking about. I thought I would send you this email that was sent to me so you could ask your readers to flood the SPLC with reports every time a Trump supporter is attacked. You know, just for the fun of it!

Dear Chris,

Donald Trump’s victory has been followed by a series of racist attacks and instances of vandalism and racist graffiti.

We need your help to track these incidents. If you know of an incident, please #ReportHate here:

Your involvement will help support our work tracking hate.

If you have been victimized, please first report it to local law enforcement.

In solidarity,

Your friends at the SPLC

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