Saturday, November 5, 2016

TRUMP: Hits 48% in LA Times Poll – Leads Hillary by 5.4 Points Has 40% Latino Vote: African-American Vote is Double Mitt Romney’s Vote

Via Billy




In 2012, African-Americans comprised a record 13 percent of all voters. President Barack Obama was reelected with 93 percent of the African-American vote, leaving Gov. Mitt Romney with only 6 percent of the African-American vote. Obama is now campaigning against Trump, and hoping to keep his share of the African-American vote below the 11 percent that George W. Bush won in 2004 during the housing bubble.  

On Friday, a poll of 506 Pennsylvania voters by Harper Polling showed Trump has the support of 18.46 percent of African-Americans. That’s eight points more than Romney’s share of the national vote in 2012, and if it proves true during the ballot, that 18.46 percent African-American support translates into 2 point shift towards Trump. The poll also said another 4.6 percent were undecided.


  1. Wouldn't it be a shocker if these illegals started to vote Republican? Talk about a renewed interest in border control.

    1. See what I just posted.Obama encourages illegal aliens to vote without fear of being deported.