Monday, December 12, 2016

1964 Ford Thunderbolt No. 49 of 100 Produced. Gas Ronda won '64 NHRA Stock World Championship in one.

    Correct FE 427 CI V-8 center-oiler engine
    The original 427 block is included
    4-speed manual transmission
    Rare aluminum front bumper
    Fiberglass doors, front fenders and tear drop hood
    Plexiglas side windows
    Unique pro-built air induction system
    High-rise aluminum intake manifold
    Two Holley 800 cfm carburetors
    Ground-up restoration by GT Body Styles in San Jose, CA in 1990
    Recently upholstered seats and door panels using NOS material
    Large 3-ring binder of documentation
    Delivered new to Beaty Ford in Midland, Texas
    Thunderbolts were built without radios, heaters, sound insulation and carpet

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  1. Come On Lottery!!

    I would rather have that than a restored Mustang. They had identical suspensions anyway.

    That is a very serious rolling drool bucket my man.