Monday, December 12, 2016

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: NYT Launches New Feature – ‘This Week In (WHITE) Hate’

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One writer took a pool cue to the NYT new ‘feature’. The ‘Grey Lady’ suffered a solid Beating.

Jeremey Egerer of the American Thinker called out NYT’s ‘This Week In Hate’ for its obvious omissions. He straight-up called them racist.
It may be stupid to label every Muslim a terrorist. It is equally stupid to say that every white person, from the four-hundred-pound swamp-donkey in Georgia to the miserable slum-dwelling Italians in Jersey, is a privileged and tyrannical aristocrat. Both statements require a hatred not of a person, but of a people – and one that deliberately places the things we hate about a people on a stranger. But only one of them is considered hateful, and only one of them is apparently worth reporting.

 The irony behind all of this is that if anyone has ever been to a series of white nationalist sites like American Renaissance, he will be surprised to find that they differ from The New York Times in one particular respect. In “This week in hate,” the criminals are all white. On American Renaissance, the criminals are all not. The methodology, the gist, the morality of the two publications is exactly the same. It is only the color of the people complained about that is different.

…One of us has a right to his own culture and territory, and the other one doesn’t. One of us can discriminate against the other, but not vice versa. One of us can make generalizations about the other, and the other can make generalizations only about himself. One of us can pronounce verdicts without any evidence and burn down wonderful cities and rape beautiful people and yet still, after all of this, be considered nothing more than a victim acting in response to aggression. It’s a wonder they don’t consider all criminals victims. Everyone, after all, has a story. Everyone except the wrong color.
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