Thursday, December 15, 2016

As with the Leftists who discounted Trump, Muslim men over-estimate themselves.

Via Billy

Forget the terror attacks by radical Muslims, as they pale in comparison to the other crimes committed by Muslim men.

Far too many Muslim men have been raised in a culture of violence, and they bring that mentality to civil society. The patriarchal nature of Islam battles with Judeo-Christian values. And now the two theist doctrines have collided.

Sadly, Leftists all over the world allow Muslim men to ravage societies. Though vile, for Leftist cockroaches to allow the scourge of Muslim rapists into civilized societies is unimaginable. Just to cover their putrid true nature, Leftists should pretend to protect women and children from these animals.

Yet, the massive import of so-called refugees continued under Merkel, Obama (and Clinton), and other pansy-ass world “leaders” is frightening.

A leaked report by the German police shows what’s really happening with the Muslim infestation in Germany. As you will see, it’s not good news.


  1. What the good sir forgot to mention is that there are vets in all 50 states who, have a very bad attitude and "do not play well with others". To all those Muslims who are waiting: Go ahead and make my day!

  2. Guess what? The feeling is mutual!