Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Electoral College: More Dem than GOP defections

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Electoral College: More Dem than GOP defections
Four Democratic electors in Washington state cast votes for candidates other than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who carried the state. 
 In Hawaii, three votes went to Clinton, while one elector voted for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Democratic electors in Maine, Minnesota and Colorado separately tried to cast votes for different candidates, but saw their ballots barred. Clinton carried all three states. 

Ahead of the Electoral College vote, the focus was on whether any voters would defect from casting ballots for Republican Donald Trump

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  1. The Dem electors didn't "defect" in any real sense. They were selected to cast strategic votes that they hoped would encourage republican electors to join them. Hillary was going to lose either way. So these electors weren't harming anything by voting someone else.