Friday, December 16, 2016

Faithless electors flirt with anarchy

Via Billy

The past few weeks have been full of calls from the Clinton campaign, politicians and other public figures, and many, mostly Democrat, electors themselves demanding that the Electoral College consider activating for the first time in its history its heretofore untested power to reject the vote of the American people.

This is foolish. While such a plot is not likely to succeed, the mere strength of the calls for such a rebellion causes significant and fundamental damage to our country. On Dec. 19, electors of both parties ought to vote as the citizens of their state expected and voted for them to do.

The Founding Fathers indeed intended the Electoral College to be deliberative. Their vision was that it would be an institution of wise statesmen and citizen-leaders who would choose leaders for this nation based on the will of the state governments as well as their own individual wisdom.

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