Friday, December 16, 2016

The US is Officially a Banana Republic: the CIA is trying to topple the Government

I commented: "Have no idea where you came up with 50. 20 is the most their lawyer states."

There's an electoral coup underway.

The number of potentially faithless Republican electors is now up to 50, more than enough to deny Trump the votes he needs for an EC win and/or give Hillary Clinton the votes she needs to win.


  1. It sounds like Carson did have help from the government..., but yea there's no need for free education certainly.

    Carson's right that ideally a society has private charities support the poor to a greater degree, but we live in a very large, transient society. You don't have the same sense of community as a result here. You'd expect a small society to be more charitable, not that smallness alone is everything.

    1. It sounds like Carson did have help from the government.

      So, he had help in his education?

    2. No, sorry. I meant food stamps, welfare, section 8.

    3. I may be wrong, but the way I took the quote is that those were available, but his mother didn't take advantage of them. It could be taken either way though, I agree.

    4. Oh, I see. You might be correct.

    5. It doesn't matter either way, but a (heavily biased) website says he did rely on the government at times:

      What's key I think is that he made a success out of himself. Everyone likes a person who works hard and at least makes an effort. No one pretends life is fair.

    6. It looks like you are correct if Snopes is.

  2. If the election is stolen from Trump, he'll go down as a legend.

    It could be for the best since it appears he'll need to live up to impossible expectations. Note: I'm not saying it is best if the election is stolen, only that it could be.