Wednesday, December 14, 2016

German Map Marks All The RAPES ‘Refugees’ Committed Against Fräuleins

Via Billy


This is unbelievable. And it’s just for 2016.

ClashDaily has been reporting on this for a long time.

The most recent articles about this include the German college student that was raped and murdered by a refugee and the staggering rise in the number of rapes and sex assaults in Austria.

The terrifying scale of migrant sex attacks in Germany has been laid bare in a new map detailing the thousands of locations where women and children have been raped and abused in 2016 alone.

Shocking figures show 2,125 people were sexually assaulted, 199 were raped and(sic) and 380 were molested in swimming baths by a combination of refugees or non-German nationals this year.

There were also 319 murders and attempted murders committed by foreign nationals and migrants in 2016, 14 of which were committed against children.

Migrants were responsible for 59 terror offences in Angela Merkel’s country since the start of the year and 112 incidents of arson.


  1. It is unbelievable that such an importation of "refugees" was allowed to take place in the first place. What is even more disturbing is that the Merkel regime continues to allow these savages into Germany as do many European countries. Sadly, it appears that the invasion of the muslim horde has gone way past Istanbul this time. Hang in there Poland. You may be the saving grace for western culture on the continent.

    1. As I have mentioned before, the mind boggling thing to me is that Germany will be a majority Muslim country by 2050 and there is nothing they can do about it other than exclusion which would be on the top of my list if I had the power.

  2. They should freakin deport all the foreigners.

    The US, we're told, is a "nation of immigrants". Translation: We really can't own anything here. We have no rights in the US.

    OK, great. What about Europe? Those who aren't descended from Europeans, or married to them, should be booted. Problem solved.

    And it shouldn't be "extreme far right" to say such a thing. Extreme right would be calling for actual harm against others or removing competing religions with force, that sort of thing. I propose nothing like that.

    We in America have been told for years that we have no rights, that we're as good as tools for the corporations in the US. But Europeans should have rights like the rest of the world.

    1. Amen and a certain percentage of LEGAL immigrants are fine with me. Novel thought, I know.......

    2. When immigration gets overwhelming like this, it's good for me to make an extreme declaration, to encourage thought.

      Too many today are just minimising damage, retreating. Immigrants are supposed to melt in.

      Foreign guest workers have been part of societies for a very long time, but they're not meant to be granted citizenship just for being residents.

      There is an intentional effort to wipe out nationalities and thus impediments to larger states, globalism. An effort is needed towards preserving identities to survive that threat.

      Also of course transportation is very easy today.

      What's seen as acceptable needs to be moved to the right, and to do that it's necessary, I think, to make extreme statements, to open minds.