Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Peace In Mind

The tendency is to equate our current political situation as the first steps in a civil war. We have a divided population, nothing has been made more clear over the past decade. We have elected a popular president that the opposition hates. This goes beyond political divisions. Trump is as much a threat to the identity of the globalists in America as Lincoln was to the South. But, the political situation is more akin to the American Revolution than the Civil War. To cast it appropriately, the globalists are the British and the nationalists are the rebels.

Like the start of the Revolution, the people had long been ignored and taxed heavily to support the overseas power, feeding a Britain fighting foreign wars for the benefit of trade and power. Washington DC is that "overseas" power; an entity that is as distant from the people as Britain was from the Colonies. The people are ruled by elitists and a class structure that no common man might penetrate. The grievances of the people have gone unheeded and even ridiculed.


  1. I agree with TL and it fits Elliott Wave theory as well. The South Sea bubble of 1720 drove the British/American economy into the dump until the end of the Revolutionary war. I think our current "downturn" probably started in the mid 60's and has been stagnant for the American economy since that time. Stagnant or declining economies eventually blow up and we either correct ourselves or join the 2nd and 3rd tier countries. indyjonesouthere

    1. Leave it alone and the free market will straighten it out.