Friday, December 9, 2016

Gun-Wielding Yoga Instructor Kills Two of Four Home Invaders


Yoga mats. Ferns. Air diffusors. Small decorative waterfalls.

These are the items one expects a yoga instructor to keep in her bedroom. A Taurus .38 Special is less expected, but, it turns out, more necessary.

That’s what 61-year old yoga instructor Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa found out this week, and she used her small revolver to kill two of the four men who invaded her home and tried to harm her.

 Originally from Texas (surprise, surprise), Khlasa has been living in Batuco, Chile, since 1979 where she teaches kundalini yoga. Four men broke into her home last Thursday, and two of them found her in her bedroom. There they hit her in the head with a gun and tried to tie her up, according to the Dallas Morning News.

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  1. The surname "Khalsa" would indicate she's a Sikh. You don't want to mess with Sikhs.