Friday, December 9, 2016

Saigon December 9, 2016

Santa Claus and Christmas trees everywhere! Christmas music blared from loudspeakers to get you in the buying mood as you approached the entrance. Although Vietnam is a majority Buddhist nation, they have no problem celebrating other holidays. :)  There are many in this world who need to take their common sense to mind.

About 50 cents on the street where food is always the best and cheapest. Reminds me of: Special Services Depot, Phan Dinh Phung/Cong Ly, Saigon

 Transporting cement to the top.

Lucky day!  Found a $100 on the ground....:)  I saw some in Cambodia that were absolutely undetectable from real ones. This certainly didn't fall into that category.

The fan I bought at the top store.  Always need a fan near me while I sleep to drown out exterior noise. Last night I had to turn off the air conditioner and the fan was pointing away from me.  This time of year is quite pleasant.  

Vietnamese coffee is extremely strong. Most drink with sugar and/or cream though I don't. Their tea is excellent also and is used to chase the coffee afterwards.  About 50 cents.

The shop owner asked if I would like for him to take a picture and I said certainly.  This was 1:30 in the afternoon, but pleasant outside.  He wondered why I wasn't uncomfortable, but it was very nice, though it wasn't the day before. 
The shop owner who bought me another cup of tea and when I said no thank you, he said he would be happy if I would, so I did, with thanks.

Pork on the grill. 

The carts here are owned by the individuals who are  taking a nap (12 to 2) in front of the coffee  shop that is only open mornings.  They go down streets calling out what they are willing to buy since nothing is wasted in Vietnam. You sort whatever you are finished with into different piles such as cardboard, metal, glass etcetera and when the appropriate person comes down your street, you have a buyer. 
Live and let live. This is the one male from the group above who evidently didn't want to nap alongside the women, so laid down in front of the hotel.  No one will say a word to him.

Hours Open Door, Morning, Afternoon, thank you.

 No need to buy a pack, one or two will do.

Beach music from NC in Saigon.  I certainly enjoy the weather broadcast......... :)

 Nguyen Hue.  Wish they had left it, as was.

Not my Saigon. Don't appreciate this one iota.

The French Opera House, Saigon on the right and Continental Palace slightly to  the left with the red tile roof where  Graham Greene wrote the Quiet American.  The new Italian owners (Continental Palace) walled in the ground floor, open porch  where you could watch pretty girls bicycle by in their Ao Dais on the way to school while you  had a cold drink.

Ao Dai - Nothing has changed!:)

My ride to Tu Do where I saw that they have demolished MY La Castille :( No interest in revisiting this, used to be wonderful street which personifies tourism at its worst today. Off to the county Thursday where it should be more to my liking.

Had two beers while I watcher the rain, so retrieved my umbrella to walk down the street and have a bowl of Pho below. 
$1.60. Too much, so took half back to the hotel. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Brock. Stay safe

  2. Your wide open plaza photos looks like the same location of where the SVN Marine statue was....

    Looks like a pleasant, peaceful place today. Have fun, be safe...

    1. Very close. It you went towards the Parliament building in the background and turned right before the statue (: it would have been on the left just before the Opera House or straight in front of the Opera House 7th picture up.

  3. Looks like a lot of bright colors and friendly people. Food looks to be tasty also.

  4. Pho cafes all around Aurora, CO. One a half mile from the house. Large bowl is $10. I love it. Must get one tomorrow. They also deliver. I will take my Surface tablet and show them these great photos. I am envious. Good report.

    1. I will take my Surface tablet and show them these great photos.

      Maybe they will give you a discount.....:)

  5. Great pics Brock! Hope you're having a terrific time!