Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Israel urges Jews to leave France as Benajmin Netanyahu continues to lash out after UN vote

Via Billy


Israel’s defence minister has urged Jews to leave France and move to the Jewish state as the Israeli government continued to lash out at the international community in the wake of a UN resolution criticising its settlements in the occupied West Bank.  

Four days after the US allowed the UN Security Council to censure Israeli settlement building, Israel’s government is on a heated rhetorical campaign against the 14 countries that voted against it.

It has cut aid programmes, summoned ambassadors for angry admonishing and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has apparently decided to snub Theresa May at next month’s Davos meeting in retaliation for Britain’s vote. 


  1. The Frogs have made their Islamist bed; now lie in it.

    I am reminded of this essay, which applies more than ever:


  2. Obama thought he was going to be the only "fundamental transformation" politician. Blowback on this scale will be remembered...and it aint over. indyjonesouthere

    1. Blowback on this scale will be remembered...and it aint over.