Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Welcome home ‘seaman’: Navy restores traditional job titles lost to political correctness

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Active-duty and veteran sailers petitioned the White House to restore ranks like "seaman" and "corpsman" after the Navy decreed it was jettisoning them in favor of more gender-neutral titles. (U.S. Navy)

It is a teachable moment: The U.S. military is fierce and protective about its heritage. Three months ago the Navy announced it would jettison 21 long-standing “ratings” titles in the name of gender-neutral modernity. Such traditional names as “fireman,” “corpsman” and even “seaman” were about to disappear until a whole fleet of authentic sailors sounded the alarm.

The politically correct change did not sit well with active-duty personnel and veterans alike, who petitioned the White House to protect the old titles. They advised that “being known by your job title” was a source of pride, and that the sudden cultural shift had sparked “disgust and outrage” among many seagoing stalwarts. Over 100,000 quickly signed the proclamation.

There’s been a change of heart, and a major course correction.

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