Thursday, December 1, 2016

Michigan Recount Could Cost Taxpayers $4 Million

Via Billy

 Green Party candidate Jill Stein: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

How nice, the taxpayers get stuck with this.  Stein should have to pay all of it which was what I thought was the deal. *She is admitting she won't win in so many words, but forges ahead.  I'm not worried about the results not being finished by the deadline, one way or another. **A bonanza thanks to Soros' bots.
*While Stein received less than 50,000 votes in the Keystone state, she contends that the recount is in order to build trust in the election system. “

 **Stein’s efforts have led to a fundraising bonanza for the Green Party itself.

Green party candidate Jill Stein filed a request for recount Wednesday in the state of Michigan, following through on her promise to pursue recounts in three states that delivered the election to President-elect Donald Trump.

Stein requested a hand recount of the state’s presidential election ballots, a process that will take a tremendous amount of resources in order to a Dec. 13 deadline. (See Official Recount Request here, courtesy of the Detroit News)

Michigan’s Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said that the cost of a recount of the 4.8 million ballots could total $5 million. Stein’s attorneys submitted a $973,250 check at the state Bureau of Elections Wednesday (the legally required fee for a recount), leaving the remaining cost on state and county governments.


  1. I just say in general, the recount looks to serve our interests, because it could highlight, in some states, Democrat voter fraud.

    As for Michigan specifically, I dunno much about Michigan. I just expect that Trump will gain votes from these recounts.

    And am I wrong that some Trump states have not counted early ballots, because they couldn't make a difference? Counting all votes seems to matter now that Hillary claims to have won the popular vote.

    1. Democrat voter fraud.

      Hopefully as there is plenty of it.


      And am I wrong that some Trump states have not counted early ballots, because they couldn't make a difference?

      I posted something like that, but a commenter said that all votes are counted and that is as it should be of course.

  2. Stein and Clinton......two cunts in the same pod!

  3. It appears these recounts are planned to delay the process so that these States will not be able to finish before the Dec 13 deadline to have their electoral votes counted. Instead of making sure, as Stein claims, "every vote is counted", they want to disenfranchise every voter in these States and deny their electoral votes to Trump. --Ron W

    1. I'm sure that is the hope since they announced at the last minute. Money means nothing to Soros, so he went with a Hail Mary and I believe they will finish no matter what it takes. At any rate, they failed to apply in tie in PA though they are suing.

  4. Suing themselves for failing to apply in time?? Any decent judge should dismiss that! Obviously they're trying to have NONE of the votes to count in those three States. Soros and other evil conspirators had to use and payoff dingbat Stein since Clinton conceded. If any one or more of those States are excluded by deadline, that should endear her and other re counters with the people--NOT! --Ron W

    1. Idiot. States she wants very vote counted but is trying to do the opposite.:)