Thursday, December 1, 2016

The End of Two Errors


  1. You can tell who the whores are. O'bum, no telling how
    many millions he has acquired by selling our land/resources/
    military; Castro's worth at time of death, $900 million;
    Guevara's net worth at time of murder by Castro, $50,000.

  2. I don't know. He had three kids but Castro removed him as
    a Cuban citizen. Guevara's brother went to Bolivia to
    retrieve Guevara's body but was told he had been cremated.
    Come to find out he was dumped in a mass grave next to a
    runway strip with his hands missing.

    1. A glorious end :) Guess the hands are on display in some museum........

    2. Really? What's the rest of the story?

  3. Che was idolized by many of the soldiers in Bolivia.
    They refused to execute him except some old drunk
    who shot him nine times until the lethal shot finally came.
    The hands disappeared and it is assumed some or one of the
    admirers ate them to keep him with them or him.

    1. it is assumed some or one of the admirers ate them to keep him with them or him.

      That's a new one. Did they put them on the grill or....?

  4. Who knows. When the bodies were exhumed from their primitive
    grave the only way they identified Che was the little pouch
    of tobacco in his front pocket of his tattered jacket. While
    imprisoned, Che asked a soldier if he had any tobacco. The
    soldier did not but went and got him some tobacco. Che
    smoked a little pipe. The little pouch of tobacco was
    still in his pocket and the soldier said "I gave him that
    Che refused to be interrogated so the execution was ordered.
    I'd say he was pretty much fearless.