Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Philly recount is done, and it didn’t help Hillary much at all

Via Billy

Pennsylvania voting machine and 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

The great Philadelphia recount has ended, and Hillary Clinton got five more votes than she had in her previous total. 

Donald Trump’s number stayed the same, as did the totals for Independent candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein after the City Commissioners Office recounted votes in 75 of Philadelphia’s more than 1600 voting divisions. The recount had been launched by 250-plus Philadelphia residents answering the call of Stein, who asked for three petitioners in each of Pennsylvania’s voting district to file recounts to assist in her attempts to get a statewide recount through a Commonwealth Court and then Federal Court lawsuit.



  1. Unfortunately, its not over.
    Philadelphia is not the state
    of Pennsylvania. A federal
    lawsuit trying to force a statewide
    recount is still in play.
    And the recounts, by hand, continue
    in Michigan and Wisconsin, with
    a deadline for the submission of all
    state tallies on December 13.
    This article does nothing to
    address the seriousness and
    reality of the threat posed
    by these treasonous
    s hitbags (electors).
    The likelihood that
    the electoral votes
    of Wisconsin, Michigan,
    and Pennsylvania being voided is
    a clear and present danger.

    cav med

    1. And as rush Limbaugh has opined: If the house says trump is president the democrats will run with "Trump never got to 260 and he's not a legitimate president. Another tear at the fabric of America. Liberals care more about tearing than uniting and many Republicans are clueless.

    2. Precisely, but if Trump is successful, mainly in more jobs, the voters will only remember that in four years.

  2. "If so, it goes to the House." Just as long as it doesn't
    go to the US Supreme Court.

  3. An update from the Miami Herald:


    cav med