Saturday, December 3, 2016


Via Jeffery

Harry Hannah was a Spitfire pilot during the Second World War. His story is like that of so many men and women of character from that time—it is both ordinary and extraordinary. It is ordinary in the sense that strange, extreme and dangerous things happened to all those who answered the call. It is extraordinary because it was strange, extreme and dangerous. Harry's story is the stuff of novels and films, yet so were the stories of millions of young men and women from that time, on both sides of the front line.

Harry carries himself with dignity and delight, humour and sartorial elegance. He is a man of few words, but a gentle voice. He is a man for men–imbued with humility, great sporting skill and a discerning eye for the ladies. He speaks highly of you if you deserve it and not at all about you if you don’t. He stands to this day with a back as straight as his 96 years will allow. He dresses like an aristocrat, speaks softly like a gentleman and smiles like a fighter pilot. No better man ever shook my hand.

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