Friday, January 13, 2017

Clinton Campaign Colluded with Ukraine to Sink Trump

Via John

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To hear liberals tell it, the 2016 election saw the campaign of President-Elect Donald Trump effectively collude with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton.

While the notion of American presidential campaigns colluding with Eastern European governments may seem the stuff of Cold War spy novels, it turns out it’s true.
“It was clear that [Poroshenko’s government was] supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.”
However, as an article published in Politico on Wednesday reveals, it was the Clinton campaign that was colluding with an Eastern European country to sink Trump’s efforts. Figures at high levels in the Democratic Party, it turns out, colluded with Ukraine.

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  1. The newspapers in the Ukraine were uniformly against Trump

  2. No, say it ain't so. I could never in my wildest dreams imaging that people as honest as the Clintons and their campaign would collude with anyone in the US let alone a foreign country to affect the outcome of an election. Maybe lie, cheat and steal and kill, but never collude.........

  3. Interesting how the MSM show little interest in how foreign governments bribed the Clintons with their cash donations. They still have yet to learn their lesson. The more the Lefties, liberals and every one else try to trash and hurt Trump the more those who voted for him, will defend and support him. They are only hardening our resolve to stand by him. Given Ms Streep's very low class attack on Trump, I am considering boycotting ALL movies this year. There are other things I can spend my money on, other than on movie tickets. In the long run, are you the worse for not having seen a certain movie? I see no reason to spend money on seeing a movie, when they who are in it, continue to sneer and insult the public who watch them. FODA

  4. The Ukraine has real Nazis there... Right Sector.

    They supported Hillary. So, Trump might have had a few dozen Southrons and Alt Rightists backing him, but Hillary had likely a very large number of hardcore Neo-Nazis backing her.

    To be fair, I expect the equally shocking Communists in the Russia-leaning parts of Ukraine backed Trump. So...

    1. There is this myth that Nazis and Communists, or more correctly Bolsheviks represented two extremes of the political spectrum. They were the flip side of the same coin. Both were Socialists, but each had their own view as to how to set up your socialist society and spread it to the rest of humanity. Nationalism vs. Internationalism. Exterminate based on race vs exterminate based on class. Allow some private ownership but under state control vs the state owns every thing. People forget that Hitler was Time's Man of the Year and glowing articles were written about how he had turned Germany around. In addition, briefly Nazi Germany and the USSR had joint military training. Each thought they had the one true and pure socialist faith while the other was the heretic. What is frustrating is that people still want to believe the Nazis and Neo-Nazis represent the far right. Nazis are socialists! Nazi is short for National Socialist.
      If the Russians seem to back Trump it is because Hillary advocated a position that would lead to a shooting war with Russia. Now antichrist Obama is moving troops and tanks into Poland. The biggest move since the Cold War. What the average dumbass American sheeple doesn't get is that Poland boarders Russia. Want to get a clue as to how unnerving this is: imagine Mexico permitting North Korea to send a couple of combat divisions (Infantry, tanks and artillery) near OUR border.
      Our own government is evil and corrupt as it needs the ongoing threat of others to insure that those who profit from it continue to do so and as a means of controlling the population and to con them into surrendering their rights and freedom to an all powerful state. The MSM has no interest in reporting the "truth" only in advancing its own agenda or that of the shadow government in power.