Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dems, not Jeff Sessions, have the real race problem

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  Armstrong Williams op-ed: Dems, not Jeff Sessions, have the real race problem

It is an unfortunate truth that Democrats are not the examples of diversity and inclusion as much as they claim.

They portray themselves as the righteous warriors of truth and conviction, and they actually believe this “truth” to be self-evident. But we must all ask ourselves, particularly as they take the moral high ground while launching a thousand ships of claims of racism against Senator Jeff Sessions, are they truly demi-gods of morality or just puppeteers attempting to pull all of our string?

It's the latter, and I draw this conclusion based on the lack of diversity on their One hundred member United State Senate staffs.

A frustrated and highly disappointed Democratic Senate staffer, who spoke to the New York Daily News recently, stated:

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