Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saigon January 14, 2017

A sandwich shop owner's daughter in New Jersey

Lawyer's office in the day, sells shoes on the street front at night.

Putting up a new electrical cable.

Quail eggs with a wrapper of salt and pepper in between. 40 cents.

ÁO MƯA worn by the riders. Like Ponchos.

You can either buy a pack or singles.

Drinking water: The cheapest would be to purchase one of these and boil the water, though large plastic bottles can be delivered.

Buy two and they give you one.

The coffee shop owner's daughter and her fiance.  They both speak perfect English. I asked her if on the board was a game for the students to which she replied yes and that they were more studious doing them. They had to pick English names and one picked crazy! :)

About $1 which is good for two meals.

Richard's cat killing a mouse

Richard said a love triangle ended in death when a gay girl stabbed a boy who liked her girl friend.  Blood stains visible.

Once again, enough for two meals and about $1.20.

A pretty, female construction worker who was too shy to smile.

Bánh mì sandwich to be assembled later.  .70 cents

He understood  me quite well and was very polite. A youngster at 61. :)

Thought they were Easter baskets at first, but they are for Tết


A disabled person who sings as his attendant pushes him around hoping for contributions.

Ruou Da shop above and below. The child gave me two kisses on the cheek. Must have scared him into it.:)

Looked real at first.

For some reason the popular daily newspaper uses Roman Numerals for their advertising pages.


  1. via your blog have been gleaning how life goes on in NAM

    thank you for this and the history of other times are nuggets worth reading about

    live long and enjoy lots of woopee !


  2. ‘I Won’t Apologize’: Toby Keith Defends His Decision to Perform at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

    ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

    1. Thank you and I certainty would except I only list Southern Patriot Links as you can see and I won't waste your time explaining why! :)

  3. I'm amazed at how cheap the food is. I guess that's a result of their desire for foreign investment, things like machinery. And also maybe the need to purchase medical drugs and the like.

    Anyway, that's very interesting.

    Also, the love triangle is interesting: It's said women tend more to be bi, so perhaps the one "lesbian" potentially does like guys, just hadn't found one who could win her over, so stuck with the lesbian until one presented himself.

    1. Food has always been cheap though much more now.